Local Bills Raising Fuel Taxes Introduced


HB434 and HB436 are local bills introduced by Harry Shiver (R-Bay Minette) and Lesley Vance (R- Phenix City) that would allow Monroe and Lee Counties respectively to adopt by referendum a tax of up to 5 cents/gallon on gasoline and diesel fuel.  The taxes would be applied for 5 years and would be used to fund pre-defined road and bridge projects within the county.  Local bills are birthed by county commissions and must be published locally.  Generally, the first AFA learns of the bills are when they are introduced.  Once they have been introduced, they are difficult to oppose.  Legislators generally observe a rule of courtesy regarding local bills in that they will not object to a legislator’s local bill in fear that the legislator may exact retribution upon the legislator’s own local bills.  AFA will work diligently to oppose both of these bills.