AFA Releases 2015 Legislative/Regulatory Agenda

AFA 2020 Vision Brochure_v3 1The 2015 Regular Legislative Session begins Tuesday, March 3rd.  A typical session lasts for 30 “legislative” days (a day when the House and/or Senate is actually meeting to conduct business).  The Constitution requires that these 30 legislative days occur before 105 calendar days have expired, so it appears that their work will need to be completed prior to June 15th.

The Alabama Forestry Association has released its 2015 Legislative/Regulatory Agenda and you can find it here.  This agenda is developed as a component piece to the 2020 Vision, which is the long range objectives of the Association to promote systemic change in Alabama’s governance.  The 2020 Vision can be found here.

This year’s work for AFA will include three major legislative initiatives.  First, a constitutional amendment requiring that all one-time windfall payments to the State be placed in the Alabama Trust Fund.  Second, another constitutional amendment placing the Education Fund Rollling Reserve Act in the constitution.  Finally, a joint resolution of the legislature opposing any expansion of Medicaid as part of the Affordable Care Act.

As the session progresses, we will be providing detail on these initiatives and other legislation that affects forestry and general Alabama governance.

Put your seat belts on, from all indications this is going to be a wild ride.


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