AFA Weekly Legislative Update

statehouseThe Alabama Legislature convened on Tuesday, March 3rd for the beginning of the 2015 Legislative Regular Session. Meeting Tuesday and Thursday, the Legislature has now used up 2 of its allotted 30 legislative days. The House has introduced 195 bills and the Senate has introduced 167 bills.

The Legislature will convene next Tuesday, March 10th and is expected to be in session for three days next week.



Bills of interest that AFA is following:

SB12 (Sanford)- Establishes Alabama Recurring Revenue Fund and distributes funds to GF and ETF proportionally. Allows GF to participate in growth tax revenues. AFA supports.

SB16 (Marsh)/HB193 (Davis)- Proposed constitutional amendment to allow statewide referendum to give counties limited home rule authority. AFA amended the bill in Senate committee and it now has been reported out and has had its second reading.

SB45 (Marsh)/HB192 (Collins)- School Choice/Charter School Bill- Senate bill substituted in committee and has received its second reading.

SB55 (Pittman)- Restricts state agencies to amend rulemakings only once every 10 years.

SB57 (Pittman)- Term Limits, reported out of committee and received its second reading.

SB71 (Marsh)- Alabama Accountability Act amendments

SB73 (Brewbaker)/HB78 (Ball) – Initiative and Referendum- AFA opposes.

SB75 (Beasley)- Medicaid Expansion- AFA opposes.

SB80 (Ward)/HB110 (Williams)- Limits manufacturer liability. AFA supports.

SB98 (Ross)- Repeals Rolling Reserve Act. AFA opposes.

SB101 (Glover)- Repeals Common Core.

SB103 (Scofield)- Removes limit on tags receiving a discount for farm vehicles.

SB115 (Orr)- State ABC Agency phase out. AFA supports.

SB116 (Orr)- Creates felony crime and penalties for hunting on land without permission.

SB123 (Whatley)- Requires permit and $50 fee for game feeders.

SB127 (Whatley)/HB 188 (Lee)- Eliminates the sales tax on farm equipment. Currently the sales tax for farm equipment is 1.5%.

HB57 (Beech)- Alabama Veterans and Rural Jobs Act. Part of Governor’s Incentives Package works in conjunction with HB58, The Alabama Jobs Act. Provides incentives to companies making capital investments and providing jobs in rural counties and to veterans. Passed committee and received second reading.

HB58 (Baker)- Alabama Jobs Act. Part of Governor’s Incentive Package and repeals existing statutory capital investment incentives for new and expanding businesses and replaces with new incentives. Passed committee and received second reading.

HB59 (Lee)- Alabama Reinvestment and Abatements Act gives tax incentives to companies that re-invest in their businesses and extends those incentives to potentially 20 years. Passed committee and received second reading.

HB135 (Clouse)- General Fund Appropriations Bill

HB139 (McMillan)- Tax increase on tobacco products. Part of Governor’s tax increase package.

HB142 (Hill)- Combined reporting for corporate income tax. Part of Governor’s tax increase package. AFA opposes.

HB155 (Poole) Education Fund Appropriations Bill

HB183 (Shiver)- Monroe County excise tax on gasoline and diesel fuel. AFA opposes.

HB184(Shiver)- Constitutional Amendment for Monroe County taxing tobacco products.

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