Alabama Senate Considers Procedure for Vacating Roads

Ron Johnson (R-Sylacauga) is forwarding legislation, HB148, that sets forth new procedures allowing for the vacation of public roads.  Having already passed the House of Representatives, HB148 emerged from the Senate’s Government Affairs Committee on March 4th and now is positioned for consideration by the full Senate.  The Committee passed a substitute bill that limits the application of the new procedures.  If passed by the Senate, the substitute bill will have to return to the House for concurrence.

The bill requires the owner(s) of the land abutting the road to provide a written petition to the governing body that has jurisdiction over the road.  A public hearing will be held within 100 days and requires 30 day notice to utility companies and all other owners. After the public hearing, if the governing body denies or does not take action on the petition, the legislation sets up a procedure for appeal to the circuit court.

AFA is monitoring the legislation.

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