House of Representatives Delays Special Order Calendar

Tax Day in the House of Representatives did not occur today.

house chamberThe House of Representatives’ Republican caucus met today and decided to not go forward with their previously released Special Order Calendar that contained 12 bills, nine of which were tax increase bills.


Chairman of the House Rules Committee, Mac McCutcheon (R-Huntsville) stated on the House floor that the leadership had determined that further work was necessary on some of the bills to make sure that they were ready for consideration on the House floor and that the calendar would be voted on again in Rules Committee at some point in the future.

So, in other words, the tax increase bills are not going to be considered in the near future but remain alive as they work to determine what their budget plan is as they move to the end of the legislative session.

Whether they had the votes to pass the tax increase bills is subject to debate.

A strong contingent of House members has emerged that has expressed no interest in voting for tax increases, especially if they take the vote and find out later that the Senate does not plan to pass them (or even take them up).

The Senate has not indicated any desire to balance the budget through tax increases. That position, of course, is subject to change at any time in the process.

Stay tuned…..

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