Jeff Sessions – You Gotta Love Him

Jeff Sessions for President. There it’s out there….

sessions2Senator Jefferson Beauregard “Jeff” Sessions III, Selma native and proud AFA member, is clearly the best choice for the job. AFA headquarters, 555 Alabama Street in Montgomery, is now ground zero for the “Draft Jeff” campaign.  As the picture to the left indicates, Senator Sessions is willing to fight for what is right….even if it appears on most occasions that he is doing so by himself.



Of course this is being offered in a light hearted manner, but seriously….

Why not?

What better candidate is out there that is willing to stand up and take on Washington than Jeff Sessions? Who better exemplifies conservative values? Who better represents what Alabamians want in a leader?

Most importantly, what public official has done a better job at earning the trust of his constituents?

The answer is nobody. There isn’t one. Not a dad gum single one of the folks being mentioned as a candidate for President has the body of work that he has when it comes to conservative principles and looking out for the ordinary folks. One thing is for sure…with Senator Sessions you know exactly where he is positioned on public policy issues.

Watch this video as he takes on Gina McCarthy, the Administrator of the EPA. It’s priceless and vintage Sessions.

Look folks, we recently re-elected Senator Sessions to his fourth term as our United States Senator. He has done such a great job for Alabama that he didn’t even have any opposition. And now the rest of the country is starting to pay attention.

Think about this…the next President of the United States will determine the future make-up of our Supreme Court (hopefully, it will not materially change in the next few years). Who do we want in charge when that happens?


2 thoughts on “Jeff Sessions – You Gotta Love Him

  1. What a grand relief it would be to have Jeff Sessions as our President. He is a great leader and a a most capable Senator. I will certainly support him.

  2. I love it, Tom! This is a great post, and one any republican wanting to run for president really needs to read. He/she could learn a lot from Senator Sessions.

    Thanks for writing this.

    Allen Keller

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