Must See TV- RSA’s Bronner Encourages State Employees to become more “Hostile”

bronnerYellowHammer News reported yesterday that RSA chief David Bronner concedes that nearly $1 billion in taxpayer funding is keeping the Alabama pension system afloat.  See the article by mashing here.


The article also references a video of Bronner addressing the Alabama State Employees Association on September 24, 2015.  Part I of his speech can be found here and Part II is here

At the 8:18 minute mark in Part II, Bronner advocates for the State Employees union to become “stronger, tougher, meaner…more hostile” in their advocacy efforts in convincing state legislators and the governor to expand government.

As you will note from watching the videos, Bronner’s presentation included advocating for higher state taxes and expansion of Medicaid under ObamaCare.  He also takes an off-color shot at Donald Trump and attacks a state legislative pension reform committee, the Koch Brothers, Troy University and the Alabama Policy Institute.

According to the Birmingham Business Journal in an April 8, 2015 article “Top of the List:  Alabama’s highest-paid state employees,” Bronner is the highest paid state employee at $572,097.  Nine of the top 25 paid state employees are employed by RSA.  The article can be found here.

Meanwhile, Alabama’s pension system is only 65.9% funded (and that’s using RSA’s own numbers) with a total unfunded liability of $15.2 billion.  This is after the taxpayers have contributed nearly 12% of the entire discretionary budget, nearly $1 billion, in FY16 appropriations.



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