Must See Video- Cut Government before Raising Taxes

gastaxUnfortunately, this is not an April’s Fool Joke.

The Alabama House of Representatives is expected to consider raising fuel taxes by $200 million as early as next Tuesday, April 5th.  The legislation, HB394, introduced by Representative Mac McCutcheon (R- Madison) will raise fuel taxes (gasoline and diesel) to the average of the taxes/fees placed on gasoline by the contiguous bordering states.  This will result in an increase of approximately six cents/gallon.

Opponents to the fuel tax increase maintain that there is plenty of opportunity to cut the size of government to address the critical need for infrastructure…without having to raise taxes.  Created by Representative Will Ainsworth (R- Guntersville), a video has been produced that stars fellow conservative members of the House and Senate.  Their message is compelling…..Watch the video below and let us know what you think…..

5 thoughts on “Must See Video- Cut Government before Raising Taxes

  1. Thank you for the informative video concerning the proposed gas and diesel fuel tax legislation.

    The legislature should hold the Governor accountable for paying approximately eight hundred thousand state revenue dollars of “hush money”, clothed as a pay raise, to state employees. The “silent majority” is not stupid!

    Power, and the abuse thereof, is addictive!

    • Alabama State Employees haven’t had a cost of living adjustment in over 8 years! I say let’s just treat everyone the same and cut everyone’s pay all the way down to public and private employees in their retirees as well.!

  2. Excellent!!

    Good to see that there are at least a few who understand the need to simplify the process of complying with regulations, in particular the State income tax code, thereby reducing the need for so many state employees.

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