No Assembly Required

Isn’t it nice to receive a gift and see that there is no assembly required?  You open the package and its ready to go…you get the immediate benefit….

 Well that is the very reason that the Alabama Forestry Association and ForestPAC is supporting Steve French for the Alabama House of Representatives.

 Steve is a former legislator, having served in Alabama Senate for 12 years, and was recognized at the time as being one of the Senate’s most fiscally conservative members.  Unfortunately, as a Republican, Steve served in the minority at the time and his efforts were not appreciated.

 Steve is ready to govern from day one…let me remind you of some of his past actions…

 In the 2004 legislative session he sponsored a bill (SB424) to create a responsible budgeting process (the precursor to the Rolling Reserve Act) six years prior to its eventual passage.  Two important parts of this bill did not survive ultimate enactment; first it applied to the General Fund as well as the Education Trust Fund and second, it was intended to be enacted in conjunction with a constitutional amendment to lock in the requirements and avoid the conflict of laws issue we have today.

 In 2005, he sponsored a bill (SB25) that would prohibit the legislature to use non-recurring income to fund ongoing expenses.  Still a good idea…still an initiative that needs to be enacted and certainly one that AFA would aggressively support.

 In 2006, he sponsored a bill (SB202) that would have created a constitutional amendment that would have significantly limited the use of eminent domain.  Legislation was ultimately passed, but not nearly as helpful to private property owners as SB202 would have been.

 In 2008, he sponsored a bill (SB367) to change the auditing function of the state by abolishing the Office of Examiners of Public Accounts.  In the recent 2014 session, AFA strongly supported similar legislation, but it still has not been enacted.

 Finally, in the first special session of the 2009 legislative session, Steve introduced and passed a bill (SB14) setting forth a constitutional amendment (later ratified by general vote of the people) to create the proration prevention accounts within the Alabama Trust Fund to assist the budgets during challenging economic times.  These accounts were drained the very next fiscal year to allow the state to survive during one of the worst recessions in our country’s history.

 Some of his ideas have been implemented since the Republicans have gained the majority, but several have not.  These are good ideas that need to be enacted.

 Steve faces three opponents in the June Republican Primary for House District 46 (Birmingham area- mainly Mountain Brook, Homewood and Hoover) and he needs our help to get elected. 

 We need a powerful voice in the House of Representatives that will be the champion for initiatives that address fiscal responsibility, accountability and transparency.  Steve French is ready to serve, and there will be no on the job training required…

 There is much left to do and he will be ready to go day one…..with no assembly required.


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