Proposed Monroe County Fuel Tax to be Addressed at Public Hearing Tonight in Monroeville

albrittonSenator Greg Albritton (R- Range) has effectively put a hold on two pieces of local legislation proposed by the Monroe County Commission to enact a five cents/gallon fuel (gasoline and diesel) tax and a 25 cent tobacco tax. Both of these tax proposals, if they pass the legislature, will require a local referendum in order to be effective.

The fuel tax will be for a period of five years and may only be used for transportation projects specifically identified prior to the referendum. The tobacco tax will be dedicated to the county’s general fund.

The tax bills originated from the House of Representatives where they were approved by Representatives Harry Shiver and Thomas Jackson. Senator Hank Sanders has already indicated approval for the bills. The only person standing in the way of final passage is Senator Greg Albritton.

Senator Albritton has called a public meeting in Monroeville for Monday, April 13th at 6:00 pm in the New Courthouse. At this public meeting, Senator Albritton will allow advocates to speak for and against the bills.

Please help us get the word out to come to this public hearing.

AFA strongly opposes the fuel tax bill. Our position is quite clear. Currently the state taxes gasoline and diesel fuel. The gasoline tax is shared with the counties and municipalities, whereas, the diesel tax is not. AFA believes that the existing state diesel tax should be shared with counties and municipalities in the same manner as that of the gasoline tax.

Please be sure to come to the meeting and voice your opinion on this matter. If Senator Albritton only hears from advocates of the taxes, then he most likely will allow the bills to go to a referendum. We can stop these taxes by having a good showing at the public hearing.

This is how democracy is supposed to work. Let your voice be heard.

By the way, please give Senator Albritton a call and thank him for his leadership. He is going to be a great advocate for rural Alabama and he needs to hear from us.

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