Survey Indicates Attorney General Strange Looks Good Despite $1.8 Million Attack by Gambling Interests


It appears that the gambling interests in the state have put all their chips on black….and got red.

A recent survey conducted on October 27-28th by OnMessage Inc. produced some good news today for the Luther Strange camp.  Based on 600 likely voters, Strange enjoys a sizable 20 point lead over his opponent, Democrat Joe Hubbard.

Incredibly, after spending nearly $2 million provided by the gambling industry, Hubbard has not been able to either bring down Luther’s favorable rating nor improve his own. Not sure how this is possible, but 31% of those surveyed had no opinion of Hubbard and 21% had not even heard of him.

See complete memo on survey results here.

Wow…what a waste of money.  But we could have told him that from the beginning.

Hubbard has raised $2.18 million for his campaign.  $1.83 million came from gaming interests, $50,000 from AEA and over $50,000 from unions.  Another $85,000 came from his House campaign fund and loans.

Regardless of this positive news, we still need to get the word out to get folks to show up and vote on next Tuesday.

No other public official has done more to assist timberland owners in Alabama than Luther Strange.  He deserves our support and we need him as Attorney General for another four years.

Please forward this post to everyone on your email list.  Let’s see what we can do to impact turnout!  Elections have consequences!

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