Top 20 Fiscally Responsible Legislators- As of May 12, 2015

top20From the Weeds polled 10 respected Alabama legislative insiders to determine a Top 20 ranking for the most conservative legislators based on fiscal issues only. Their responses varied widely and there were a few surprises.


Coming in at #5 is Representative Phil Williams (R-Huntsville) who gained attention this past week for voting twice against a massive increase in the tax rate on lubricating oil. The House Ways & Means Education committee voted two times on the bill; with the first vote failing, while several Republicans flipped on the second vote to allow it to prevail. Representative Williams was the only Republican to vote “no” both times.

Also of note is #6, Representative Will Ainsworth (R-Guntersville). Ainsworth has introduced legislation to remove all statutory earmarks which would allow the legislature to prioritize spending in order to address the state’s budget challenges.

No surprise is #1 Trip Pittman (R-Daphne). Pittman is known as a strong advocate for fiscal responsibility. He has sponsored and managed a joint resolution expressing the legislature’s desire to not expand Medicaid, introduced legislation to protect the Rolling Reserve Act in the constitution and has championed the overhaul of the management of the two-year college system.

Also not a surprise is #2 Senator Paul Sanford (R-Huntsville). Sanford has introduced a bill, which will have a public hearing in committee tomorrow, that would take all tax revenues into one pot and then distribute 78% to education appropriations and 22% to state agency appropriations. This would allow the traditional General Fund revenues to grow at the same rate as that of the current Education Fund revenues.

Somewhat of a surprise is the lower ranking garnered by #12 Senator Arthur Orr (R-Decatur). Senator Orr has been a strong proponent of reducing the size of state government, sponsoring bills that would consolidate state agencies and remove the State of Alabama from the retail liquor business.

Today is Tax Day in the Alabama House of Representatives and there will be numerous other fiscal votes occurring, discussed or proposed over the next week, so the poll will be conducted again this coming weekend to see if there is any shakeup to the Top 20.

The Alabama legislature is composed of 140 members; 35 senators and 105 members of the House of Representatives. Recognizing that probably 120 members will be irritated at not being listed, here are the results:

(#1) Senator Trip Pittman
(#2) Senator Paul Sanford
(#3) Senator Clay Scofield
(#4) Representative Ed Henry
(#5) Representative Phil Williams
(#6) Representative Will Ainsworth
(#7) Senator Bill Holtzclaw
(#8) Senator Rusty Glover
(#9) Representative Mike Holmes
(#10) Representative Arnold Mooney
(#11) Senator Dick Brewbaker
(#12) Senator Arthur Orr
(#13) Senator Bill Hightower
(#14) Senator Phil Williams
(#15) Representative Barry Moore
(#16) Senator Tim Melson
(#17) Representative Mike Jones
(#18) Representative Rich Wingo
(#19) Representative Ken Johnson
(#20) Senator Paul Bussman

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